Costs way less than months of building something your product users may not want.

For anyone who is starting out to use Blup for their product or service.
  • Unlimited install & run native app on your Android or iOS device via USB.
  • BlupDesigner with max capabilities.
  • BlupLightning with max capabilities.
  • Flutter code export for 1 page with UI designs & logics.
  • Basic SDK's library.
  • BlupSheets: Create upto 5 tables with 100 rows.
  • BlupSheets storage: 1 GB.
  • Local Widget Library: Save upto 5 pages on cloud to share between projects with logics.
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$12 monthly per editor
For individuals and teams, who want professional features.
Everything in Free plan, plus.
  • Unlimited native Android, iOS, WebApp & PWA release build.
  • Unlimited code export.
  • Unlimited SDK's library.
  • Local widget library with unlimited page saves.
  • Global widget library: Share pages & logics with anyone.
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For organisations, who want additional security, control & support.
Everything in Pro plan, plus.
  • Org-wide shared resources
  • Enterprise SSO + security
  • Centralised admin & billing.
  • Multi-team management.
  • Project branching & merging.
  • Shared BlupSheets
  • Privately shared BL Logics.
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Pre-built realtime backend system on top of AWS, directly integrated inside Blup.
Pay as you go.
Cloud Storage
GB Stored
1 GB about 500 high quality photos
GB Transferred
6 GB about 3000 high quality photos
Cloud Database
GB Stored
1 GB data that can be stored
Write Data Query
600,000 Writes number of times data is written
Read Data Query
600,000 Reads number of times data is written
Delete Data Query
600,000 Deletes number of times data is written
Total pricing/month:
+ $0.00
Note :
BlupSheets pricing is calculated separately
of Account Plan you have chosen.
If overflow is allowed, extra usage cost
is charged at the end of that month.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is BlupSheets?

    It is a pre-built realtime backend system on top of AWS(Amazon Web Services). You may use it as a Database or CMS(Content management system) for your application. It could help you to create from chat applications to enterprise-ready applications. It has visual SQL query system for data queries.

  • Is BlupSheets included in Account plans (i.e. Free, Pro & Enterprise)?

    Only certain amount of free usage of BlupSheets is included in all the Account Plans. To go beyond free tier usage of BlupSheets, your bill would generate seperately based on the usage.

  • How does refund policy works?

    For monthly billing plans: There is no refund and your Blup access will stop at the end of your current billing cycle after cancellation.
    For annually billing plans: There is a 7 day grace period after purchase and renewal to request a refund. If you are beyond the grace period, we can still cancel the subscription and you will retain access to Blup until the end of your billing cycle.

  • What is BlupLightning?

    BlupLightning is a visual logic system, designed to help you create logic without the need to learn any new framework or language. Best suitable for users who don't want to learn a new language or framework & are done resolving bugs 90% of the time. Get your app ready on time with BlupLightning.

  • Can I export code?

    Yes! You can export your code in Flutter (Dart language).

  • What is the difference between debug and release build?

    Native Debug Build is a build that directly gets installed on your Android or iOS phone. As it includes Hot-Reload, Hot-Restart & Debug console logs, it might give a lower performance experience & bigger file size. It is included in all the plans.

    Native Release Build is a build that geneartes apk, appBundle or ipa file to publish on Play & App Store. It has significantly higher performance & lower file size. It is included in Pro & above plans.

    For in-depth, visit:

  • What is Hot-Reload & Hot-Restart?

    Debug build comes with Hot-Reload & Hot-Restart (Reloads new changes from Blup to installed app in microseconds).

    For in-depth, visit:

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